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October 2016
Born in Fort Meyers, Florida
Living in L.A.
Real estate agent and oil painter

“The era of white male dominance is closing worldwide”

Tommy was introduced to us as a “swimming pool painter” but after a short conversation about global warming, economy and politics he clearly proved to have more interests than still-lifes. “In L.A. anything goes, but L.A. is not intellectual, you have to work hard to find stimulating people and activities. People just want to be Instagram famous.” Tommy has been painting for as long as he remembers and these days, when he’s not selling million-dollar properties, he’s improving his technique at the Kline Academy of Fine Art. Even though Tommy is not a pointillist painter, his mind is always connecting dots, something that gives him in-depth opinions about the world’s past, present and future. “The era of white male dominance is closing worldwide. What does it mean for our future? I don’t know. I don’t know how to just tell everyone to shut the hell up and get over it.”

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