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October 2016
Born in Paris
Living in L.A.
Creative Director

“In France is “non, non, non” and here is ‘you guys are awesome’(…)”

When Pierre was three years old his parents got divorced, when he was 30 he moved to Amsterdam where he met his future wife, Neeza (check her portrait here), when he moved to L.A. he became a father and bought a ’66 dark midnight blue Mustang on Ebay. “Here there’s no curation, you have the best and the worst next to each other. It’s bizarre. The world looks at America and says ‘yeah, you are cool, you have a black, charismatic and respected president…’ However now it can get worse than Bush. But America is still a fucking cool place, where anything can happen. In France is ‘non, non, non’ and here is ‘you guys are awesome,’ that for kids education is really good, they feel empowered, they feel they can do anything.”

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