Marina Bruno
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October 2016
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Living in L.A.

“We need stories that are not Transformers 48, you know?”

We met Marina and two friends in a very old school manner: asking us to take a picture of them on top of a cliff in El Matador beach. Aren’t Americans these days supposed to be all about selfies? Soon we realized we weren’t facing the typical Malibu girls. For starters they were not running in slow-mo wearing red swimsuits. Marina lived in Buenos Aires and Mexico City before moving to L.A. in search for meaningful places. “I like telling stories and trying to move people and make them feel and think about different things. Cinema is a great media to tell what we are going through and that we’re all the same.” And then she forecasts the political climate. “It’s good what’s happening. I mean, it hurts to think that America can have a president like Hillary or Donald Trump, but at the same time if you want real change you need things like this. In Chinese ‘crisis’ means ‘opportunity,’ so I thing that this crisis is an opportunity for America to change.”


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