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November 2016
Born in Louisville, Kentucky
Living in Nashville, Tennessee
Retired and volunteer

“Liberals are idealistic and they say we are hard-hearted bad republicans, but it’s because we look at reality.”

Next door to the mythic The Blue Bird café there’s a Trump campaign office. There, we meet Martha. She introduces herself as a “retired registered health information administrator and certified coding specialist” and when we ask her about what she does presently she laughs and replies: “Whatever I want to do! Right now I’m volunteering.” She was on the county party executive board several years ago and has come back because “you feel like you’re doing something positive for your country, moving the country in the right direction.” Not all of her friends are happy with her present occupation. “I took a three week trip this Fall with a friend of mine who is a big Hillary supporter, so we kind of didn’t talk much about it. We were travelling in beautiful national parks and I was counting Trump versus Hillary signs and there were 10 to 2 favouring Trump, so…” She believes her candidate is nothing short of a saving messiah. “If Trump doesn’t win this election there will be so many non-European immigrants to this country that we will lose everything this country was designed to be. We’ll have a socialistic philosophy that will take over our healthcare and if the government controls your body they control everything. We will not be a republic anymore, this is the last change to save United States and western civilization.”

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