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October 2016
Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Living in Dallas, Texas
Ex-roadie and future writer

“Let’s say Hillary Clinton gets elected, I would say to her: The affordable care act did good (…) but what about affordable education? Poor people can’t afford 27 thousand dollars for a semester in college.”

Downtown Dallas is the place where you find skyscrapers and rock bottom. Here the city is almost deserted and the living beings you bump into are mainly tourists, dogs being walked and homeless. We are in a corner trying to speak to Dorothy when Luis interrupts us. He grew up in L.A. and was supposed to study at UCLA with a minor in political science and a major in history, “but that didn’t work out obviously, look at me here”. He rushes his story to the present as he pushes his shopping cart, but we are not in a hurry. “I was in a heavy metal band called Boozer Dog, at that time in the 80’s, hair bands were a big thing. We started the band but a dude quitted on us and we ended up being roadies. Instead of playing music we set up for the ones playing music. I travelled with local L.A. bands like Scream, Leather Wolf, L.A. Guns…” Luis’s last job was working in Pilgrim’s Pride. “77% of the chicken worldwide comes out of Pilgrim’s Pride. It can be chicken strips, chicken nuggets, chicken patties or regular chicken” but what he really likes is to write stories with a historical team and a religious plot. “The Aztecs were in this hemisphere waaaaay before anybody. I’ve got a storyline with this boy, an orphan, and a Spanish father picks him up and shows him Christianity. And then he starts prophesizing things that are happening today. The story is building and building, what I need is a laptop.”

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