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November 2016
Born in Pikeville, North Carolina
Living in Charlotte, North Carolina
Retired and volunteer

“The future of America can still be very, very good. But it is critical that Americans realize that this is in fact a shared existence.”

Frank is the grandson of slaves, a son of the civil rights era, a southern African-american familiar with obstacles who, more recently, became a volunteer for Hillary Clinton. “As a boy I never had the opportunity to interact in the academic or spiritual communities with fellow white students. I was segregated. It was not all a bad experience, but I regret not having the opportunity to compete with my white peers.” Even after being segregated, working as a police officer and fighting a war, Frank seems to be the personification of peacefulness. “I became a different person in the sense of caring and understanding and praying that one day maybe we can do without war.” In Vietnam he made friends among “fellow Americans, fellow allies and fellow Vietnamese”. “That is one of the things about our democracy: you don’t buy it, you don’t beat it, you don’t get it through violence, we just have to be a good shining example with our potentials. When we make things better here at home, we exemplify to the world that we are a good people, a loving people. And that light radiates.”


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