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October 2016
Born in Atlanta, Georgia
Living in Denver, Colorado
Environmental activist

“As long as we keep doing things like electing a black president, or a woman president, we’re slowly changing the face of America. And perceptions also start to change.”

We approached Lauren with the same question that Lauren used to approach passers-by. “Do you have a minute?” Lauren graduated from college last May in health science, with concentrations in public health and monitoring international affairs, but when we met near Denver’s stately Union Station, she was “just doing presidential election work”. This girl has a contagious smile, accompanied by a fascinating oratory. “Ultimately I want to work for the United Nations, to do environment and sustainability work.” Will it be hard? “I think it will be difficult, the stakes will be really high… but it can be easier for reasons of affirmative action, because I’m a minority and a female.” What’s the biggest problem of USA right now? “Poverty. The huge chasm between the rich and the poor.” Will things change anytime soon? “The more the Americans are seeing that anyone can be a leader – they don’t just have to have a penis – that is hopefully changing peoples perceptions of what other people can do for the United States.” Lauren, like Tommy, seems to believe that the era of the white, racist and heterosexual dicks is about to finish.

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