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October 2016
Born in Texas
Living in Las Vegas
Retired and Texas Hold’em card shark

“I never play against the house, only against other players.”

81-year-old Tex is in a waiting mood at Binion’s, the Vegas casino that made poker famous. “When I retired I wanted to go some place where it was warm and I could play poker any damn time of the day or night I wanted! So I came here.” 16-year old Tex was taught to be a cowboy, riding bulls, riding horses bareback, and competing in rodeos. “I had a roping horse for 21 years.” 11-year-old Tex started playing poker and later on became a Texas Hold’em card shark. “I never play against the house, only against other players.” A 4-year-old boy moved from Texas to Oregon. “When the kids found out where I was from, they stuck ‘Tex’ to me and it has been there ever since.” Tex gave us a tour around Binion’s Hall of Fame Poker Room, where he told us stories about famous players. “This man right here is Stu Unger, was the best player I’ve ever played against.” Then our talk shifts to the future. “If Donald Trump gets in there we are in trouble. He’s a rich idiot.” Next game is about to start, the wait and the interview are over. Go and hold’em, Tex!

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