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October 2016
Born in Fitzgerald, Georgia
Living in Cove Fort
Retired and Missionary

“We’re talking about your eternal life, so you want to find out for yourself.”

Cove Fort is an historical site close to the beginning of Interstate 70, a blessed highway in terms of natural scenery. Erected in 1867 the fort was a stopping point for stagecoaches and travellers to rest, eat and use the services of the blacksmith, telegraph or Pony Express. We learned all this thanks to our guide Elder Larry Odum, a man on a mission. He told us how 41 years before missionaries knocked at his front door in South Carolina and told him about the Book of Mormon. After some reading and praying Larry joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. “It was a personal decision. We’re talking about your eternal life, so you want to find out for yourself. Salvation is an individual thing.” Surprisingly or not, politics could also use some more love. “If we all did the one simple thing that the saviour said – ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ – there would be no wars nor starvations, we wouldn’t need a president or a army.”


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