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November 2016
Born in Jackson, Mississippi
Living in New Orleans, Saint Louis
Ex-hairdresser and waiter

“Whoever is our president I’ll support it, even if I didn’t vote for it, because you have to support who is in charge.”

“I got my marketing degree and four years later I call my father and I said ‘are you sitting down?’ he said ‘do I need to be?’ I said ‘yes, sir’, he said ‘what is it?’, I said ‘I decided I want to go to beauty school’, he said ‘Oh finally something you’ll be good at!’” Pete is on a break from his part-time job as a waiter from Café du Monde, located in New Orleans French quarter. This is the place where millions of people come to eat the sweet beignets, a house speciality coated in powder sugar. Back in the time of the aforementioned phone call his father worked for an oil company and Pete was living in Dallas. “I worked in marketing but I was always downstairs in the Godiva chocolates, in the furs, in the jewelery department, anywhere but my office.” Pete loves to be entertained. “I’ve been working here for a week. I love it. I’m single, no children, no pets. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs – I do gamble a little bit – and I love New Orleans, it’s so cultural. If you drop here from the sky, you don’t even know you are in America. It’s so open.” This is someone who loves what he does, as long as it is outside an office. “I have a fine dining mentality. I serve the lady first. I’m proper. I just don’t throw it down. I don’t have the servant part, but I have the serving part. I want to give. If I lived in a box under a bridge, it would be the nicest box, that’s just the way I am.” Pride can be such a beautiful thing.

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