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November 2016
Born in Danieltown, Virginia
Living in Danieltown, Virginia
Church and hospital volunteer

“I don’t think the things that she has done has been for the betterment of the country, I think the things that she has done have been for the betterment of Hillary.”

We spotted Ann while she was sweeping red fallen leaves just outside the door of a 1893 Catholic church in a forgotten village in Virginia. “I’ve belonged to this church, ever since I was born.” Ann was raised in a tobacco farm nearby. She took a business course and worked for several army bases, such as Fort Pickett, where she met a boy who went to fight in Korea. After his return they got married (64 years ago) and she stayed home raising two kids. When he retired, they moved back to Danieltown and that’s why Ann has been sweeping leaves, watering the flowers and taking care of church services (with her long-time friend Dorothy) for the last 30 years. “When we moved back to the country the lady that was doing this work got too old to do it. And we are about to get there! She said to me: ‘haven’t you always wanted to do this?’ And I said ‘not really’ and she said ‘well, I have’ and I said: ‘I’ll help y’all’.” Next day’s elections came into the conversation and Ann showed no doubts. “I’m voting for Trump because I think he will be different, he’s never been in politics before and that’s a good thing. He’s good at business. I think he will be a stronger leader toward the right way that this country should be going.” And then Dorothy, sitting on a church bench, adds a pivotal theme that killed the conversation “He’s also not for abortion. And she is…” And Ann agreed.

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