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October 2016
Born in Las Cruces, New Mexico
Living in Yuma, Arizona
Retired teacher and freelance journalist

“Every time there’s an election our sales just shoot way up.”

After a breakfast heavy on cholesterol, we left Bambi’s diner ready to hit the road. Before examining if our car underwent any grand theft auto, we were ambushed by an elderly lady holding a big, menacing camera. She had seen us inside doing interviews and it was payback time. We counterattacked with an interrogation of our own. “Magazine” must be Sylvia’s middle name, because she collaborates with three of them, and because of the sports store where she works. “It’s scary right now with the election being like it is. I can’t help thinking it’s on the downhill. I hate to be pessimistic about it, but unless someone can turn this country around we are in seriously trouble, especially with things like gun control. I work in a gun shop, I mean, this Spragues Sports is primarily a firearm business. And I see people trying to take that right and privilege from us. And that’s scary.”

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