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October 2016
Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Fashion designer and musician

“I don’t think America is at a dead end, I think is just becoming what America was always supposed to be: multicultural.”

Studda Budda is the artist’s name. OKCVLT is the brand. Street gangs and the movie The Warriors (1979) continue to be the reference here. “‘Cult’ means worshipper of gods, so basically, I’m OKCVLT, but as my brand goes out it will be different cults in different places.” Studda showed up during our talk with Art and we welcomed him, just like Dig it people welcomed us. “I graduated in May 2002 and moved to L.A. It was my first time going to a big, big city. It made me a dreamer. I saw so many buildings; I saw stuff that I’ve just seen on TV. And made me realize that anything is possible.” Studda speaks, lives and dresses with passion. “I express myself the way I like to express myself, I’m not a robot. (…) The funny thing is: I’ve been doing music all my life. I started selling clothes 8 months ago and I’ve made more money than in ten years doing music. (…) It’s funny how you can find your calling just randomly.” Hail to the Internet generation. “Why should I have pride in Oklahoma and USA if I sell more clothes in Japan? I can’t be mad at Japan! (…) America and all the countries ought to be dead and just be one. Like with the Internet. Everything is connected. Everybody can travel everywhere.”








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