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October 2016
Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts
Living in Santa Monica, California
Project manager

“My kids love to talk about politics. All kids right now talk about politics.”

When Sandra was nine she moved to Portugal, the country of her parents. When she turned 30 she moved back to United States, now with a husband, two small kids and an American dream of her own. “You shouldn’t be innocent and think things are easy. It takes hard work. You have to be persistent, that’s something you have to learn here.” Culturally she feels more Portuguese than American, but she’s very proud of being an American. “I love the opportunity of living here with my kids. It´s very multicultural compared with Portugal.” Her TV at home is usually tuned to CNN, and it shows. “After the last presidential debate my son told me that instead of going to have recess he sat under a tree with his friends and they were all talking about the debate.” The kids at ten-year-old Pedro’s school shave t-shirts that say ‘be a friend not a bully’ and the other day he said, “I could give this t-shirt to Donald Trump to see if he would learn something.”

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