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October 2016
Born in Denver, Colorado
Living in Denver, Colorado
Antique shop owner

“Once we serve them, we no longer serve each other.”

“I started in 1990 as a bench jeweller  – ‘size your ring and fix your chain’ – and in the meantime I learned the values of merchandise that had quality, because obviously when you look at diamonds and gold, you see quality. (…) If I can stay as far away from falling in love with something, is much better, keeping things doesn’t serve the business. (…) The future of America depends not on the politicians that run for office, but on the people down here, because we make the difference in each other’s lives, and a politician will never make a difference in my life. (…) A politician goes into public service and turns it into a business. And they do business for the government and what we need them to do is do business for the people. (…) We are all starting to wake up now, so as we wake up you notice all these movements starting to sprawl… that’s how real change happens, from down here up, not from up down. (…) All I have is my neighbour, the man at the grocery store, ‘Can I hep you with your package?’ – that’s what we have. And there begins the change, and once the change comes from us, we won’t stay down, they’ll have to adapt to us.  Especially in America, we’re fighters.”

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