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October 2016
Born in Wyoming
Living in Phoenix, Arizona

“Sometimes judges look up the lead and not down the lead.”

When you come to Vegas, a French Bulldog competition is not the first thing you expect to see, but that’s exactly what’s happening here. “There’s a judge picking the best dogs in their class so that later on they will compete to find the best. You start with 200 and at the end of the day you want one.” There are bitches and dogs, and it’s not very different from elections. This explanation comes from Peggy Golden, a fascinating woman we first noticed because of her Ryan-Gosling’s-Drive-kind-of-j acket, with a bulldog instead of a scorpion. Later Peggy gave us one of the best introduction lines ever. “I always bring suckers for people like you.” She was talking about See’s Candies, typical sweets from the West Coast. “Because I hand them out all the time, people call me Sucker lady. It’s a way to say ‘welcome’ and that’s what you should do.” You just can’t get sweeter than that.

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