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October 2016
Born in L.A.
Living in L.A.
Freelance Producer

“People are so infatuated with someone else’s life that they don’t enjoy their own.”

Nico works as a freelance producer, mostly for reality TV, but he’s very keen to criticise it. His last production was for a new show coming this November called Window Warriors, a reality show competition between eight creative directors who create windows displays that go into stores like Manhattan or Beverly Hills. Then a question had to be made: Don’t you have the feeling that people have more and more trouble keeping up with reality itself? “Oh yes. Kardashians and reality shows such as those are terrible for America and the world because they’re shaping an entire generation to be infatuated with rich and fame.” Nico argues that the younger generations are in need for help, something that could come from better entertainment (and he gives Netflix as an example) but also from teaching life skills. “I know adults that don’t know how to cook, do their own laundry or save for their retirement and that’s terrible.”

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