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October 2016
Born in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Living in L.A.
Full-time mom

“Got to have kaya now” – Bob Marley

In 2012 Neeza and Pierre were living in Amsterdam and trying to get pregnant. After two consecutive failed attempts, the couple decided to move to California to try local in vitro fertilization treatments. And it worked. Neeza believes it was a way of the universe to say that they should start a new chapter. The two-year-old American boy playing around us during our conversation is the living proof that she was right. The minute we made that decision, it was crazy everything just fell into place.

Pierre is a diehard fan of Bob Marley. He wanted to name him Marley at first but when I was 5 months pregnant I said ‘not Marley, sorry.’ Then we listen the song Kaya on the radio… Kaya in Malaysia means ‘richness;’ it’s also an old Sanskrit word that’s the embodiment of the traits humans should have, like compassion, love… It’s also a Malaysian coconut jam that I grew up on. In Turkish it means ‘rock,’ Pierre’s name in French. It kind of fell into place.” Is this love? Later on I realized that kaya is a slang word for cannabis, an omnipresent substance in California.

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