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October 2016
Born in L.A.
Living in L.A.
Housemother and Receptionist Supervisor

“Ego is something very dangerous when it gets out of control.”

For the last 25 years Mary-David has been working at the reception of an advertising agency, but the majority of her 600 colleagues, the “twelve year olds” as she calls them, don’t have a clue about her Hollywood life. Her mother was Mary C. McCall Jr., a famous screenwriter who wrote the script of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1935) and presided the Screen Writers Guild; her husband is David Sheiner, an actor that directors enjoyed casting as a bad guy; and Mary-David herself wrote comedy for television shows like Happy Days, The Jefferson’s and The Love Boat. Nowadays she writes mainly emails and states that one of the best things about being an American is the freedom to say things out loud. “I try not to get for granted that we can express our distaste for the things that are wrong. And that’s amazing.” Want some Hollywood trivia? The hospital where she was born now holds the Scientology headquarters. “Unfortunately there’s a lot of stupidity in America these days!”

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