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October 2016
Born in Beckley, West Virginia
Living in Southwest City, Missouri

“Develop a good work ethic, work hard and be nice to people.”

After a forgettable breakfast we noticed that our hotel had an unexpected concentration of overdressed people in the company of French bulldogs. We followed one of the leashes and minutes later we were in the midst of a dog show, meeting a passionate woman. Kathy was born in a coal-mining town called Beckley, and perhaps only this can explain the diamond of a person we met sixty-five years later. She used to work at a factory, but for the last twenty-one years her life has been devoted to French bulldogs. “I’m retired and I stay home with the frenchies.” She finds the future a little bit scary and leaves a piece of advise for the next generations: “Develop a good work ethic, work hard and be nice to people.” When we accidently spotted an ear peeking from her shirt, Kathy unabashedly revealed a tattoo of Bingo, her favourite frenchie that passed away 10 years ago.

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