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October 2016
Born in Lisbon
Living in L.A.
Art Director

“California is super liberal in a conservative way.”

The idea of ‘home’ probably changes as times, Nobel prizes and people a-change. For Bruna, a temporary blond and full-time advertising creative, who lived in Paris before coming to Los Angeles, the answer is quite prosaic. “Home is where I can wear my worst pyjamas and feel good. That happens at my mom’s house and right here.” ‘Here’ is a beautiful 60’s house in Brentwood, with a swimming pool, a fire pit, a voluptuous carpet, an American creative partner, a French boyfriend, a French bulldog and a “fake fireplace, just like Hollywood Boulevard”. One of the neighbours is known as Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Rick Deckard. “L.A. inspired me to aspire to other things besides advertising.” The flip side is that “people do tend to be very polite and not to invade other people’s bubbles, so I feel I need to contain myself a little. In California you don’t talk politics, you don’t express your religion, it’s like super liberal in a conservative way.”

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