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October 2016
Born in Claremore, Oklahoma
Living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Artist and musician

“As individuals we can all be friends and never even think twice ‘why would I dislike your country or why would you dislike mine?’ but media is like those zombies: hate, hate, hate.”

“My name is Art Sunday. Like the day of the week ‘Sunday’ and ‘Art’ like art on the wall. I’m half Cherokee half Jewish.” Isn’t this one of the best knockout introductions ever? But sit tight: Art still has a world of carnival to offer. He’s a painter of the old circus era – ‘See the three arm lady! See the freak show!’ – and a composer of electro-horror-sci-fi-videogame-instrumental music who sang and played guitar, bass, keyboard and drums in several bands. His father, a Vietnam veteran, delivered him on the side of the road, and he’s been in a hurry since then, or so his mother says. Dig it is the shop, run by Art and his wife Stefanie, where our chat takes place, its name coined in honor of a famous scene from the movie “The Warriors” (1979) More than a cool and weird spot, it’s the eye of a creative storm that swirls around the Plaza district community. Stefanie is also an artist who paints beautiful Mexican masks, but let’s get back to Art. He just chose a horror movie for the future of America. “’Night of the Living Dead.’ It’s a bigger picture than just say ‘zombies taking over’, it’s about a bunch of friends like us, from all different countries that get together in a small house and all of our country leaders are outside trying to get all of us to hate each one another and get us all divided.” He pauses. “If people work together we all survive.”

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